Do you have a message you want to communicate, but you’re avoiding the call to write because you can’t find the time?  SDP offers content solutions to fit your needs and budget.  Our experienced writers will create fresh and unique content that attracts and converts customers.


Business documentation is one of the most  forgotten part of business growth. 

Business Documents can be time consuming however, they are important to everyday business.  

Corporations or even a small business seldom have the time to create, publish and maintain a set of business documents.   

We are here to help you develop and maintain your documents.  Your documents will be completed with confidentiality, integrity & consistency that will create a structure of standardization to support your business.

  • Business Letters            
  • Ghost Writing                                                      
  • Letter Writing              
  • Personal Letters                          
  • Press Release                  
  • Proposals                          
  • Brochures                      
  • Executive / Corporate Ghostwriting

  • Corporate Communication                                      
  • Corporate bios         
  • Policies & Procedures                
  • Marketing materials      
  • Sales Letters                 
  • Power Point Presentations                  
  • Catalog Writing
  • Website content (SEO Friendly)
  • Blog articles
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Content
  • Professional Biographies
  • Telemarketing Scripts


Technical content plays an vital role in how companies, products, and services are acknowledged.   

At most companies developing, managing, and maintaining content can be time consuming.  

In collaboration with your developers, we document your project, whether a computer program or a large-scale industrial process. 

SDP writes guides that are clear and user friendly, adding value to your product and reducing calls to your help desk.

Health & Safety Policy & Procedures
Business Operations Guides
Employee Handbooks


Communicating your organization’s message is vital to the success of your promotional materials. Your copy must be consistent and effectively to tell your target audiences what they need to know about your products and services. Your content must be written in the simplest, yet most informative way possible. SDP Communications can help you achieve consistency, accuracy, clarity and much more.   

  • Advertising Copy Writing Services                   
  • Sales Copy                                                                
  • Newsletter Writing Services                                 
  • Case Study Writing Services                                
  • Brochure Writing Services                                   
  • White Paper Writing Services                                
  • Marketing Writing Consultants                            
  • Magazine Article Copy Writing                        
  • Sales Sheets Copy Writing an Promotional Sales Copy


  •         Effective communication
  •          Builds Confidence
  •          Allows for achievements
  •          Correct, Complete, Current and Consistent information effectively meet customers                     and owner requirements.
  •          Creates structure so that staff can systematically coordinate to conduct business
  •          Training
  •          Reduce or eliminate assumptions and second guessing

To assume documentation is a waste of time greatly devalues the importance of clarifying important issues and goals in writing.