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I work with business owners and entrepreneurs local to me and across Canada.  I am passionate about the independent businesses and the importance they bring to our communities.  With my services, I'll work "behind the scenes" so that you can focus on your products, services, staff and most importantly your customers.

I have a natural aptitude for operational and administrative tasks that allows me to calmly and efficiently tackle your to do list or any project you have on the go. I have exceptional organizational skills that enables me to attend to your administrative, marketing or documentation needs. In fact, you can safely delegate any number of the tasks you face on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

So whether you require a few hours of admin support or a complete social media overhaul, I can help!

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Invest In Yourself
As your virtual business service consultant I am an independent contractor who provides administrative services, professional writing services along with sales & marketing support to clients while operating outside of the client's office.  Find out more about the benefits I can bring to you and your business below...


I am fully trained in the services I offer, so compared to hiring an employee, you will not have to pay for any additional training. 

                       Saving You Money!


Don't worry about trying to find work space. I will work in my own home office and will use my own equipment, so no need to supply them.

I am super self- sufficient.


Compared to hiring an employee full time,  I work flexibly to suit you and your business. This may mean working on a monthly hour retainer or as and when you need me.

Time management

Time is so valuable in my job.   Managing many clients means time is valuable so your tasks will be completed efficiently and I won't waste time. 


As a Virtual Assistant I charge by "Time on Task", this means you'll save money compared to paying a salary based employee who leaves you with incomplete work.


As I am an independent contractor you don't need to worry about taxes, pension, insurance or benefits.  I manage all of this myself.